Fractus Antennas hits the news with the new antenna-less technology

15 Mar 2017 News

The revolutionary technology that allows devices to function without antennas hit the news after the Mobile World Congress 2017.

The benefits of the technology and its potential to replace current customized multiband antennas in smartphones and IoT devices have been highlighted at the IEEE Spectrum magazine. It has been also named among the “10 fascinating things in Technology and Innovation” by the MIT Technology Review.

The anechoic chamber at Fractus Antennas testing the multiband performance of an mXTENDTM antenna booster. See paper by Amy Nordrum at IEEE Spectrum.

To learn more about those benefits please click this link to our Virtual Antenna TM site and download the white paper “Finally, one size fits all”.

About Fractus Antennas

Fractus Antennas SL designs, manufactures and commercializes miniature, off-the-shelf antennas for smartphones, short-range wireless and connected IoT devices. Founded as an independent antenna product business in 2015, Fractus Antennas was born out of the main Fractus operation and combines a respected R&D team with proven manufacturing capabilities and scale to bring to market a new generation of antenna products to meet the mobile and wireless connectivity needs of OEMs.