Simplicity and scalability for IoT reference designs

Sant Cugat del Vallès, Barcelona, June 30, 2021 – The wide range of potential bands to cover at the IoT design stage is endless, and on top of that, the developer usually isn’t sure where exactly the new device will be used. The IoT industry uses reference designs for its rapid deployment and reference designs need a standard antenna technology that can be easily integrated and adjusted according to the end designer’s needs.

The new whitepaper, “Simplicity and scalability for IoT reference designs”, describes how Ignion products eliminate bottlenecks and help reference designers produce global kits with an embedded antenna that provides predictability during the entire design process and that accelerates the task of turning a reference design into a final product.

A wide range of heavyweight RF companies, including Cavli Wireless, Nordic Semiconductor, Sequans, Sierra Wireless and The Things Network are using Ignion know-how in their reference chip designs.

“We want our customers to be able to build global products, so they don’t need to have one version that works in China, one version for Germany, and one for the US,” says Petter Myhre, Head of Product Marketing at Nordic Semiconductor.

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Virtual Antenna® technology changes everything for IoT device makers

virtual antenna

Sant Cugat del Vallès, Barcelona, June 28, 2021 – The 42 billion connected devices expected by 2025 will need an antenna technology that is not only reliable but also allows for a speedy product development cycle and shorter time to market. Virtual Antenna™ turbo-charges design cycles for every type of IoT device, regardless of the frequency band or wireless connectivity protocol.

The new whitepaper, “Virtual Antenna® changes everything for IoT device makers”, covers in detail all aspects of the technical advantages of this new technology, which can easily turn into business advantages for IoT companies. Virtual Antenna® technology opens the door for accelerated growth and shorter time-to-revenue for IoT device makers.

More than 25 million of Ignion’s antennas have been deployed worldwide. A wide range of IoT companies, including Nordic Semiconductor, Sequans, and Sierra Wireless, are using Ignion know-how in their reference chip designs. Customer success stories from various companies, including details about positive business impacts are also available within this whitepaper which shows how Ignion’s Virtual Antenna has changed the rules of the game.

“The Ignion solution has definitely helped us because we’ll be able to launch the product sooner. There’s much less complexity in design and much less time in validation on our side” says Justin Matthews, Wireless Communications Device Architect, Landis+Gyr.

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International Microwave Symposium (IMS)

22 Jun 2021 Events

June 21st, our latest innovation – the NANO mXTEND™ – will be available for purchase. Join us for the virtual IMS exhibition and be one of the first to access the world’s smallest off-the-shelf antenna for Wi-Fi and Bluetooth with customizable performance.

  • Date: June 22-24
  • Location: the IMS exhibition, Richardson RFPD virtual booth
  • Registration here
  • More information and event agenda here


First announced at the Wi-Fi World Congress in May, the revolutionary NANO mXTEND™ will be available worldwide through our distribution network from June 21.

Tags, trackers, earphones and wearable projects can now benefit from both the reliable and predictable Wi-Fi and Bluetooth designs made possible with the NANO mXTEND™ and the shorter design cycles that can be achieved with Virtual Antenna™ technology. It’s the perfect choice when devices are strictly limited in terms of real estate and overall size.

Register for the virtual International Microwave Symposium now and look for the NANO mXTEND™ at our distributor’s – Richardson RFPD – virtual booth.

IMC’s IoT Days: optimizing IoT power consumption with Virtual Antenna™ technology

24 Jun 2021 Events
  • Date: June 24
  • Time: 12:00 a.m. -14:00 p.m. EST (GMT -04:00)
  • Track 4: Design Impacts Power Consumption at the Edge
  • Panelists: Jaap Groot (CEO at Ignion), Syed Zaeem Hosain CTO, Aeris Communications), Luc Vidal-Madjar (Head of Mobility Innovation, BICS)
  • Moderator: Bob Emmerson (Technology Editor, Beecham Research)
  • Free registration here


Many connected devices are battery-powered meaning low-power consumption is important for prolonging the useful life of the device and achieving an acceptable Return on Investment (ROI).

Antenna choice and position have proven to be some of the most critical decisions for finding the optimal balance between radiated power and battery life requirements and, in many cases, these are the primary factors affecting device power consumption. A more efficient antenna will require less power to transmit the same data payload.

Jaap Groot, Ignion’s CEO, will share how Virtual Antenna™ technology provides engineers the peace of mind that products will meet carriers’ performance requirements, and that valuable battery power is not consumed simply to compensate for antenna inadequacies.