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Roc Grados


Roc Grados has been with Ignion for over 5 years, the company responsible for the revolutionary Virtual Antenna® and Antenna Intelligence Cloud™ technologies which simplify the complexities of IoT antenna integration. During his tenure, he has held various roles in engineering, and most recently as EMEA Sales Manager. In his current position, Roc has championed adopting Virtual Antenna® technology into diverse IoT verticals. Some examples include cellular-connected health monitors by Withings, smart meters for a global leader in this space, asset tracking systems for bicycles and packages to name a few, and a connected aftermarket security product for the automotive industry.

Beyond his work at Ignion, Roc has worked on a program developing an infrastructure for automated satellite tracking, which captures meteorological images from NOAA satellites. Roc obtained his undergraduate and master’s degrees in Telecommunications Systems Engineering from La Salle University, Barcelona.

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