Antenna goes first at Embedded World, and always.

In March I had the opportunity to speak at the Embedded World Conference, where an audience of 50 people was guided through the new and faster way of embedding antenna systems into wireless products. Here are a few highlights I would like to share.

Antenna design accelerated with digital twin technology – Embedded World Conference

Even though the antenna plays such a central role in the success of a new IoT deployment, it is often left to be considered late in the design process, which can create last-minute surprises that can negatively impact the success of the project.

IoT and wireless devices in general deliver data from one place to another and achieving robust connectivity with reliable range and efficient power consumption can be challenging.

Having a digital instance of your antenna system before grabbing the soldering iron and starting to build a physical prototype, is an unprecedented, powerful tool. Now developers can verify if they will be able to reach certification targets and ensure they get on the right path from the beginning. Issues with PCB size, casing, material in proximity, and many others will be caught up upfront. Additionally, now developers automatically get a tailored customized antenna design file package for their specific project requirements in a matter of minutes. And if any adjustments to the design are needed, it’s as simple as making a new request submission using the Antenna Intelligence Cloud™ tool, which generates new design files and performance results automatically.

Smiling partners and customers when learning about Antenna Intelligence Cloud™

The feedback in the Embedded World booth and Conference talk was extremely positive. Developers visiting our stand began smiling and vigorously nodding their heads in agreement when they were shown the cloud-based antenna design tool in real-time. They got to try it for themselves and learned how easy and empowering the Antenna Intelligence Cloud™ would be for their projects.

Also on display were samples from customers who are already leveraging the new way of embedding antennas for Asset Tracking, Smart Metering, and Healthcare from Sodaq, Nestwave, Withings, Contazara, and more. Reference designs from Nordic Semiconductor, Sequans, Blues Wireless, and Sierra Wireless were also on display as a testament to the wide adoption Ignion’s products and technology are enjoying.

The Ignion team exhibited the Virtual Antenna® components and Antenna Intelligence Cloud™ solutions in Nurnberg at Embedded World, where device makers meet component & solution providers to discuss the products of the future for the embedded community.

This year, over 18,000 visitors and 720 exhibitors, from more than 39 countries, took part in the trade show.

At the Ignion booth, we showed visitors how easy it is to integrate the antenna in their next project. The key to success is to consider the antenna at the beginning of the project, rather than wait to end when project-ending surprises can happen.

The antenna goes first on our free digital twin antenna design tool. Take a free test drive for yourself.

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