Transforming the IoT antenna design process with Ausum Cloud & AWS

Aitor Moreno
04 Jan 2023 Blog

Still spending lots of time and money trying to get the right IoT antenna design process? Keep on reading!

If antenna and radio frequency (RF) engineers do not get it ‘right’, design cycles become bogged down and elongated. This forces IoT device makers to burn more cash than planned, which might benefit your competitors, giving them the opportunity to market their products faster.

To help IoT device developers, Ignion has launched the Antenna Intelligence Cloud™, an antenna design digital twin tool, to bring the power of cloud computing and artificial intelligence to the antenna design process.

Powered by AWS Cloud and implemented by Ausum

Based on Amazon Web Services (AWS) cloud services, Ausum cloud implementation expertise and the power and flexibility of our patented Virtual Antenna® technology, the Antenna Intelligence Cloud™ service can reduce antenna design from weeks to hours.

Ignion has developed a design and emulation platform on AWS to enable IoT developers to integrate Virtual Antenna® technology correctly and quickly into their own products, thus providing a more reliable and predictable antenna integration process into any IoT device and reducing development cost and go-to-market time.

The main goal is to democratize and simplify the antenna design process for everyone, increasing the success of any IoT end product even for fledgling device makers with little RF experience.

Looking to reduce the time and money spent on your RF antenna design? Download the Success Story of our Antenna Intelligence Cloud™ powered by AWS and implemented it with the help of our technology partner Ausum.



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