Compact antenna powers 4K streaming in wireless surgery

25 Jun 2024 Case Studies

Download the case study here. 


The Wireless Arthroscopic Device (WAD©) is the brainchild of the renowned trauma specialist Dr. Pedro Guillén at ARTROTEC with the engineering and development led by the engineering firm Izertis. Together they set out to bring the first cable-free, high-quality arthroscope device to market.


Arthroscopic surgery requires extra high-quality video to ensure that surgeons can visualize their patient´s internal treatment area in the greatest detail possible, ensuring utmost precision and optimal results.

Artrotech found Izertis to be the best fit for building and delivering an innovative wireless solution, in a light and portable device, that could be easily maneuvered in doctors’ hands. Device size was also of the utmost importance.

The fact that this device would be handheld added the extra challenge of designing an internal layout that guaranteed that the antenna signal would not be significantly blocked or weakened due to the various possible hand placements used by doctors when manipulating the device during surgery.


After contacting Ignion´s application engineers they were confident that Ignion´s expertise would be crucial in achieving maximum antenna efficiency in their Wireless Arthroscopy Device.

Ignion´s team was up to the challenge of providing the guidance needed to find the optimal antenna component and placement in a device that had to keep its small size, to remain ergonomic, while also including many other components in a very compact internal area.

They were also able to calculate the effects of the surgeon’s grip on performance. In the final design, two parallel working ONE mXTEND™ antenna boosters were chosen to guarantee uninterrupted 4K video streaming, regardless of hand placement. At only 7.0 x 3.0 x 1.0 mm, the ONE mXTEND™ was just the extra small, very competitively priced, and high-efficiency antenna component the engineers needed to help bring their innovative wireless product to the market.

The engineers continue to use Ignion´s platform, Oxion™, to get time-saving antenna placement and performance guidance making incorporating an antenna into their further devices much faster and simpler.