Reliable antenna performance for cold chain asset trackers

19 Sep 2023 Case Studies


GND Solutions Pvt Ltd is an Indian electronic product engineering service company with over 8 years of experience in developing embedded software and electronic hardware for the Internet of Things with BLE, NB-IoT, LoRa and other cellular connections.

GND has developed products for IoT, IIoT & M2M domains such as fleet management, smart cities, smart homes and many more.


Being engaged in designing a variety of IoT products, GND faced the challenge of finding appropriate antenna solutions that could deliver reliable connectivity below 0º C conditions for their IoT-enabled cold chain asset tracking solutions.

Every design necessitated a distinct RF approach, resulting in significant disparities in tech support, development timelines, time-to-market, as well as the reliability and robustness of RF performance. Outdated technologies, such as spring antennas, proved inadequate in meeting the rapidly evolving market demands, leading to performance and design complications.



GND Solutions found the Virtual Antenna® technology the perfect fit to address their multi-design and multi-connectivity scenarios. Ignion’s miniature, multiband antennas can optimally perform even under temperatures up to –40 Cº, disregarding product shape and size.

By exploring Ignion’s antenna design process, utilizing recommendations from our Antenna Intelligence Cloud™, a state-of-the-art digital twin design tool, complemented by the expertise of our top-notch engineering team, their development cycle and time-to-market have been reduced to 3 months considering PCB manufacturing.

For GND, the benefits of using our mXTEND™ components such as small size, consistent performance, single SKU for multiple designs, aesthetics improvements, and reduced inventory were a perfect fit to use in all their upcoming refrigeration industry designs.


  • 12 weeks time to market including PCB manufacturing.
  • Reliable Connectivity even in -40 Cº.
  • Small form factor antenna solution.


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