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Ignion’s Virtual Antenna® technology will deliver robust connectivity worldwide.

You need your IoT asset tracker antenna connectivity to be 100% reliable.

Asset Tracking

Design your asset tracker using the smallest footprint multiband antenna.

Merge cloud connectivity regardless of the frequency, satellite positioning, or wireless configuration into a single antenna part.

Ignion’s Virtual Antenna® technology will deliver robust connectivity worldwide.

iot antennas for asset tracking

Why is Virtual Antenna® technology your best choice for IoT tracking?

  • Worldwide coverage with one component.
  • High performance and low power for long battery life.
  • Reduced form factor easy to plug into any tracker.
  • High precision. You will never lose your satellite connection despite where you locate your tracker.
Multiport Nature

Why is our DUO mXTEND™ the best choice for IoT asset tracking?

DUO mXTEND™ is ideal for asset trackers. It features two independent radios in the smallest possible module. Thanks to its multiport nature, it can combine GNSS and Wi-Fi or Bluetooth and Wi-Fi in a single package delivering precise location and world-wide coverage.

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What our customers are saying

“High-performance, ultra-compact antenna solution, which covers the global cellular and the GPS connection in just one antenna component, and technical support were key considerations when we chose Ignion.””
Sébastien Amiot, Chief Executive Officer at SAMEA Innovation.

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