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Ignion’s Virtual Antenna® technology will deliver robust connectivity worldwide.

Automotive telematics can promote safety and reduce emissions.

Automotive Telematics

Reliable multi-radio connectivity for smart fleet is the key to successful vehicle fleet management.

From child sensing devices to emergency beacons, smart fleet management relies on multiple sensors and multi-frequency connectivity.

Fleet management systems are impacting fuel usage and the environment. Our Virtual Antenna® portfolio covers all these automotive use cases.

How can Ignion support your automotive telematics project?

  • Virtual Antenna® components cover all the required frequency bands.
  • Single SKU antenna solution in multiband deployments.
  • Small form factor antenna solutions.
  • Low power consumption for long battery life.
  • Reliable connectivity for safety and positioning.
  • Design support every step of the journey to ensure success.
Small but powerful

Automotive Telematics Optimal Antenna 1: ONE mXTEND™

Our clients are successful using ONE mXTEND™ for Fleet Management services: Small but powerful, the ONE mXTEND™ antenna booster delivers 5G, cellular IoT and Wi-Fi 6E operation at multiple cellular bands within 800-10600 MHz - all packed into the smallest cellular antenna component ever to provide reliable position for fleet gps tracking and management.

Smallest form factor

Automotive Telematics Optimal Antenna 2: NANO mXTEND™

Our clients are successful using NANO mXTEND™ for Automotive safety given its easy to integrate, reliable connectivity in the smallest form factor available in an off-the shelf design. Available for corner and edge mounting on printed circuit boards, the Nano fits on even the smallest designs.

What our customers are saying

“High and reliable performance from prototype to certified solution, supported by an outstanding engineering team were key considerations when we chose Ignion.””
Rudi Wellmann, Design Manager,

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