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Ignion’s Virtual Antenna® technology will deliver robust connectivity worldwide.

Reliable Data Connectivity for Your Smart Metering Project

Smart Meters


Ignion understands the critical role of smart meters in energy management.

These meters allow for two-way communication of data between utility companies and consumers, which is essential for assessing grid stability and reporting outages.

That's why Ignion developed the Virtual Antenna® solution, which offers superior connectivity and reliable data accuracy for smart metering projects.


Why is Virtual Antenna® technology your best choice for Smart Metering?

  • Robust connectivity in outdoor environments.
  • Low power consumption.
  • Single SKU antenna solution in multiband deployments.
  • Reliable connectivity for data accuracy.
  • Cost effective and easy to integrate.
Small but powerful

Antenna: RUN mXTEND™

Ignion’s customers are successful using Run mXTEND™ for smart metering. It is compact in size and cost effective and easily adapts to almost every wireless device and to any radio technology within a 824-8000 MHz frequency range with reliable connectivity.

What our customers are saying

“The Ignion solution has definitely helped us because we'll be able to launch the product sooner. There's less complexity in design and much less time in validation on our side””
Justin Mathews, Wireless Communications Device Architect,

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