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Antenna Masterclass by Dr. Jaume Anguera

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Video Slides: Find the support slides and documents used in this presentation here

In these slides you will find the Off-PCB FPC vs On-PCB Virtual Antenna® technology measured total efficiency comparison. This test was made on different PCB heights. Find the comparison of total efficiency results at the different heights in 698-960 MHz. Download it here.

Scientific Paper: Antenna boosters vs flexible printed antennas for IoT devices

This scientific paper compares two different technologies: antenna booster and FPC antenna. Results are measured in terms of efficiency showing that antenna booster performs better than FPC across the frequency ranges of 698–960 MHz and 1710–2690 MHz. Read it here.

Whitepaper: Comparing FPC "sticker antennas" vs Virtual Antenna® technology

Get access to an in-depth lab report showing the differences between FPC "sticker antennas" and the Ignion Virtual Antenna® solution. The features of these two antenna types are clearly explained as well as the impact antennas have on the overall IoT device design. Download it here.