Nightmare or Simplicity: Choosing the Right IoT Antenna

Join our CTO and IEEE fellow, Dr. Jaume Anguera, in this antenna masterclass presentation that highlights the pitfalls of the commonly used Flexible Printed Circuit (FPC) antenna. He reveals how recent developments in antenna technology have produced better and more reliable options for your IoT deployment.

Featured in this presentation:

• Side by side comparisons of FPC and Virtual Antenna® solutions.
• Why "sticker antennas" aren't a reliable option for today's device makers.
• What applications carry the most risk.
• Impact of PCB size.
• The cost of using the wrong solution
• FPC vs Virtual Antenna® technology whitepaper.

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What are the Pitfalls of FPC antennas

Unpredictable performance from testing through production

FPC antenna performance can change dramatically and unpredictably when the FPC antenna is placed inside the IoT device enclosure.

Limited tuning flexibility and fixed bandwidth

FPCs are inherently resonant and designed to operate within specific, limited frequency bands making them bandwidth specific.

Not fit for small device designs & small PCB's

FPCs have a large surface area and require a minimum distance of >20mm to the PCB and are thus difficult to integrate into small IoT product designs.

Meet our Masterclass Speaker

Dr Jaume Anguera , CTO and Founder at Ignion, IEEE Fellow, Associate Professor of  Electronics and Telecommunication Engineering, Universitat Ramon LLull,  h-index 52 ( top 2.0% of the ranking of Spanish scientists)

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