Fractus Antennas is leading the antenna future

18 Jan 2018 News

“The new antenna technologies will solve many challenges that traditional antenna technology has not been able to overcome”, Patrick Hindle, Microwave Journal Editor, confirms in the new Cover Feature article of the Microwave Journal. This January issue, dedicated to the antenna field, is where Fractus Antennas’ technology has been selected to be part of those technologies to take into account for the antenna future: “Antenna Technologies for the Future“.

Enabling multiple antenna shapes and many different applications is traditionally a challenge in the antenna engineering field. Fractus Antennas’ Virtual Antenna™ technology is based on replacing this complex and problematic customized antenna design for a standardized, miniature, off the shelf and multiband antenna booster. Virtual Antenna™ technology (antenna-less technology) can replace the conventional customized printed antennas for this miniature booster that enables full multiband wireless connectivity reducing space, cost and time, the usual dilemma of the conventional antenna technologies.

All the antenna booster products by Fractus Antennas are named mXTEND™ products and they can be easily assembled on the PCB of the device using the “pick-and-place” procedure in the same way any other electronic component is assembled. The complete mXTEND™ range of products has been specifically designed for providing multiband performance in any mobile or IoTwireless device and any of the antenna boosters enable worldwide coverage in across the different communication standards required.


About Fractus Antennas

Barcelona-based Fractus Antennas SL designs, manufactures and commercializes miniature, off-the-shelf antennas for IoT, mobile connectivity, and short-range wireless devices. Founded as an independent antenna product business in 2015, Fractus Antennas was born out of the main Fractus operation and combines a respected R&D team with proven manufacturing capabilities and scale to bring to market a new generation of antenna products to meet the mobile and wireless connectivity needs of OEMs.