Ignion and SnapEDA speed up IoT design with ready-to-use antenna components

28 Oct 2021 News

Product developers can now access free CAD models for Ignion’s entire Virtual Antenna™ catalog via SnapEDA.

SnapEDA, the first search engine for electronics design, and Ignion, a global antenna provider, have collaborated to release CAD models for Ignion’s entire antenna catalog.

The catalog includes Ignion’s new Virtual Antenna™, the NANO mXTEND™, their newest antenna and the smallest Virtual Antenna™ component ideal for tiny wearable devices. It also includes their multi-port antenna, TRIO mXTEND™, which can cover LTE, GNSS and BT in one go, eliminating the need to invest in multiple antennas.

Virtual Antenna™ technology offers device to cloud connectivity with customizable performance. It allows the designer to choose the requirements of each design through an off-the-shelf component that will accelerate the production phase.

These new CAD models are available to over a million engineers who use SnapEDA’s website and PCB tool plugins each year, as well as millions more who access SnapEDA via its syndication partners, which include Digi-Key, RS Components DesignSpark, and Mouser. They include symbols for schematic capture, PCB footprints for layout, and 3D models to evaluate mechanical clearances, and for design visualization.

The new Ignion CAD models on SnapEDA are compatible with 16 PCB design formats, including Altium, KiCad, Autodesk EAGLE & Fusion360, Cadence OrCAD & Allegro, Mentor PADS, DesignSpark, DipTrace, Proteus, & more. They were created based on IPC-7351B, IEEE-315, and SnapEDA’s custom standards. Additionally, engineers can access a verification report for each product, generated by SnapEDA’s patented verification technology, which prevents common manufacturing pitfalls to help reduce prototype iterations.

The models can be downloaded free at www.snapeda.com, within SnapEDA’s PCB plugins, and on its affiliate partner’s websites.


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