Ignion stands in solidarity with Ukraine

01 Mar 2022 News

“The more you sweat in peace, the less you bleed in war.” Norman Schwarzkopf

Ignion joins the global community in speaking with one voice and a clear message: This war against #Ukraine must end. All governments should unite, take a unified stance to repel this attack against the violation of international law and the values of humanity. We urge Russia to stop its war. As so many, we feel shocked in the face of this blatant violation of international law and values of humanity as we are watching with dismay the further escalation of events and we must remain united and strong, to support each other and our universal values.
We have the highest respect for all who confront aggression. We have the highest respect for the many people demonstrating against this war worldwide, some even under personal danger. Our thoughts and our solidarity are with the innocent people of Ukraine.

#stopthewar #prayforukraine #standunited #stadforhumanityvalues