Microwave Journal: Booster-tuner combination for the highest antenna performance

17 Jan 2019 News

Microwave Journal opens the January issue with an antenna design that covers all LTE frequency bands: the booster-tuner combination. The article, Chip Antenna-Antenna Tuner Combo Cover LTE Bands, shows how combining a small antenna booster, RUN mXTEND™, along with the SmarTune™ (Cavendish Kinetics) Impedance Tuner an easy antenna system can cover all LTE frequency bands. 

The result of this new design combination is a versatile and active antenna configuration supporting all frequency bands from 698MHz to 2690 MHz and with the most competitive advantage: the user can choose a located area within the whole bandwidth obtaining then the maximum level of radiation of the mobile platform. With this focus in a specific frequency range region, the antenna system performance is optimized while minimizing the antenna component size.

The RUN mXTEND™ antenna component is part of the mXTEND™ range of products by FRACTUS ANTENNAS specifically designed for providing multiband performance in wireless platforms. This miniature and multiband antenna booster component is presented in this design along with the SmarTune™ by Cavendish Kinetics ideally designed for tuneable antennas, dynamic load adjustments, and tunable filters.

Discover more about this combination with the new Application Note by FRACTUS ANTENNAS.


About Fractus Antennas

Barcelona-based Fractus Antennas SL designs, manufactures and commercializes miniature, off-the-shelf antennas for IoT, mobile connectivity, and short-range wireless devices. Founded as an independent antenna product business in 2015, Fractus Antennas was born out of the main Fractus operation and combines a respected R&D team with proven manufacturing capabilities and scale to bring to market a new generation of antenna products to meet the mobile and wireless connectivity needs of OEMs.


About Cavendish Kinetics

Cavendish Kinetics is the leading provider of high-performance RF MEMS components smartphones, mobile infra¬structure, IoT and defense. The low loss nature of RF MEMS allows our customers to maximize RF performance, resulting in faster data rates, extended battery life, and innovative form factor designs.