AI-powered platform

for antenna integration.

Guides your product concept to a successful reality.



A real-time AWS-powered cloud platform built to simplify your IoT development.

Created by Ignion
24/7 worldwide access

Tailored guidance
for your requirements.

Connectivity challenges shouldn’t stand in the way of innovation. We make the use of Virtual Antenna® components easy through the powerful Oxion platform. By simplifying antenna integration any wireless device developer can now easily design robust wireless products. Tap into the accumulated knowledge of thousands of IoT projects worldwide and apply it to your project anytime, anywhere.

Built for engineers

Get the freedom to focus on what matters most:
your design idea.

Guided and intuitive

Oxion removes unnecessary steps and excessively complicated information. Instead, it empowers both novice and expert developers alike with the right information at the right time, ensuring speedy antenna integration and enabling new levels of customization for all.

In real time

Powered by AI you´ll be able to immediately check the antenna performance in your design, make adjustments, compare and select the most efficient approach for any form factor. An industry first!

Full control

Oxion offers you unique access to highly specialized RF knowledge, enabling you to be in immediate control of the final wireless performance from the start. By using this digital platform, you can evaluate details previously only available through hardware prototyping.  

An ever-evolving platform

drives our work.

Oxion mockup

Oxion is designed to be responsive to the needs and suggestions coming from the wireless community.

Leveraging digital twin technology, it is a dynamic, ever-evolving platform, integrating new services and features to meet the ever-changing requirements of users and provide maximum developer value.