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    A visionary antenna manufacturer, Ignion leads the world in a new generation of chip antennas called antenna boosters. Versatile, scalable, and up to 10x smaller, our revolutionary Virtual Antenna® embedded component empowers companies to dramatically reduce their time to market. Our antenna design ensures easy reusability across multiple designs including gsm modules, while our small, standardized sizing removes the need for manual assembly. Implement the antenna type that works for your project—from GSM module or LTE modules to the latest 5G antenna for a GPS enabled tracker, from a tiny Wi-Fi antenna for your wearable to an outdoor antenna system for your router in a small cell base station featuring a Mimo antenna system—and launch it in record time. Do you need a tiny, chip, omnidirectional antenna in your IoT device? Test our latest chip antennas and boost the signal strength in your device while reducing development time and cost.