Antennas matter: A market overview of the innovation required to drive IoT 2.0 

05:00 pm
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Ubiquitous Massive IoT creates many opportunities and solves many problems. But it comes with ever-increasing challenges for technology solution providers, as physical and commercial constraints around bringing a device to market require fresh approaches and innovation from many quarters.

In this webinar, ABI Research examines these constraints in the Massive IoT market and explains the role of the antenna integration process in overcoming them.

It assesses key challenges faced by solution providers when designing and producing an IoT device, and what antenna vendors are doing to streamline this process for their customers.

Building on these considerations, antenna manufacturer Ignion highlights their unique Virtual Antenna® solution and integration approach and ground-breaking Antenna Intelligence Cloud™ digital twin design tool as they look to create a friendlier environment for device makers.


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